Red Different 3d Man Out From White Crowd. 3d Render Illustration

We Are All The Same

As humans we find pleasure proving ourselves special, we like to be different, we like to be better than the others. We always take actions to show other people we are better, smarter, more beautiful or talented. We somehow think that when we prove ourselves, we will reach happiness or maybe fame or money or a bunch Image result for different person out of a communityof different things. The reason it -the thing we will get- is so varied is because as humans we all want different things, we all have different desires. Some of us wish for wealth while some of us wish for love. As our desires, goals are so different from each other what we do to reach them is peculiarly alike.


In order to reach our goals, we crush others’ goals. We humiliate others we try to show them we are stronger and as a result of our actions we do not just crush their goals we also crush their dreams, we broke their hearts, we even cause them to feel vulnerable and weak. We destroy someone’s life and for what? Just to reach our selfish goals. Maybe we get to have money or fame after it but it only affects us positively. We don’t ever think about the people we hurt to come to that point. While we live happily with everything we want in our lives the people we hurt keeps suffering because of us. Is it really worth it?

Why try to be different and better? Are not we all the same after all. We are all human. We all want to do what we want without caring about others. The things we do might show that we are different but are we? We are selfish persons or we become selfish persons in order to reach our goals. We shouldn’t have to become selfish, we can reach happiness or any goal without crushing and hurting other people.

We always humiliate other people usually to show them that we are better. We shouldn’t do it. We shouldn’t judge, humiliate or hurt people. We are all the same why try to prove something else why hurt each other selfishly? We don’t need that. Since we are all the same, we all want do the same thing; why can’t we just get along  and reach our goals without fighting?


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