We Are Beautiful As We Are

Technology brings so many new things for example social media. Social media is so common nowadays. Social media is used by so many people especially the teenagers. Teens give all of their attentions to their social media accounts and have a big part in their lives. Unfortunately the social media has so many bad effects, we cannot prevent he shared contents and these contents are greatly affect the teenagers psychology. The contents creates a perception of beauty, and people who do not conform to these perceptions either have less self-respect or are often ostracized and bullied by society.

All the each person is beautiful as they are. Todays technology has advanced so much in the field of medicine that ,t can transform people into different state with some operations.Does it really necessary? Some people cannot be comfortable with some part of their body that’s understandable but in some people this surgery’s become an addiction and ruin their faces. For example the one of the biggest brand Versace’s owner Donatella Versace. Donatella was an beautiful Italian girl she is not  happy with her own body and she had done many plastic surgeries. She have lifted her face and after her facelift surgery, her skin is having an complication and aging her skin. She continues these operations with her skin and sagging and applies this procedure a total 10 times. One of the bad aspects of this surgeries are that the operations can not be results 100% perfectly. These surgeries have many bad effects you can ruin your face, it can cause many health problems and the consequences can be really hard. 

We’re doing those operations for fix our part of the bodies that makes us uncomfortable. Some surgeries can be satisfy decrease our self confident. The society’s beauty standards; little nose, fox eyes, big plumped lips, sharp jawlines. These standards can’t be the reason for the operations. Especially in the group of adolescents, they are try to fit the society’s beauty standards and if they can’t they psychologically feel ugly and it can cause social anxiety which don’t let the teenagers  socialize.

Some noses are big, some lips are not thick enough, so cheeks are not red enough and some eyes are not slanted enough but they are the things that makes us beautiful. Beauty standards cannot be the reason for changing our body. ‘We are beautiful as we are.’A

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