We Are Leaving the Earth

Our World is the place that hosted everthing , living or non-living , for billions year. As the world turned , every living thing on it developed and evolved like humans , animals and plants etc. People developed and started farming. When they saw that they were insufficient in the field of agriculture , they domesticated animals and used them for to sow their seeds. The only area we use animals is not agriculture , we use dogs for hunting. Because of dogs have extremely sensitive nose.


The people, who had been developing for a few hundred thousand years, started to draw attention to another place: Space. When humans improve themselves they made rockets to go to space. After some unsuccessful attempts, mankind succeeded in going to space with Russian cosmonaut “Yuri Gagarin”. This successful launch was only the beginning of space and human history. Since the first time humans succeeded in going into space, they have always thought of living somewhere outside of the world. Yuri Gagarin was the one who ignited that spark.


Studies on this subject have been going on for many years and there is still no one who can succeed in this work today. There is no simple answer to this question, but people face unimaginable problems on Earth to survive in space. For example, the toilet. We’re not even thinking about it right now, but there is no gravity in space, and scientists should consider this problem down to the last detail. Not only on this subject, every subject, every design needs to be thought down to the smallest detail. Otherwise, problems may arise when people live in space.


Even if the subject of life in space is not as easy as it seems, it attracts the attention of most people. The biggest example of these is Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world. He’s a space company and the company’s goal is extraterrestrial life. The company’s biggest invention so far is rockets that can land vertically after launch. Since this type of rocket has an important value in cargo transportation, if people start living in space, these types of vehicles will be used.


Many people say that it makes more sense to put aside life in space and deal with current world problems, but I do not agree with this opinion. Because people still haven’t realized that our world is our living place. If pollution, drought and wars continue like this, other planets will be our only solution. The world is in a salvage situation, but people did not realize it and time passes quickly.


It’s not too late for the world, but time will pass in the blink of an eye. Therefore, the issue of life in space and on other planets should be seriously addressed as soon as possible.


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