We Are On Fire (Literally)

The change of temperature is a normal phenomenon. In a period of the year the average temperature increases and in another period it decreases. But for the last one to two centuries, the temperature change is not like before it was before. The temperature increases constantly. This situation causes the average temperature of the globe to increase constantly and there is no way back. We call this issue “Global Warming”.

There are several causes that increase the average temperature. One of the reasons is greenhouse gases. These gases prevent the heat to get out from the atmosphere. In other words, these gases create another layer that represents a glass in a greenhouse, trapping the heat and stopping it from leaking back into space and increasing the temperature. Some of these gases are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases. Fossil fuels are one of the sources of greenhouse gases.

Cutting down forests is another cause. As you know green plants do photosynthesis. In photosynthesis reaction plants takes water (H2O) from soil and carbon dioxide (CO2), which is one of the greenhouse gases, from the air. Deforestation causes a serious decrease in the forest area. This loss directly leads to a decreasement in the overall photosynthesis rate and this causes imbalance.

One of the other reasons is increasing livestock farming. Animals, livestock like sheep and cattle, produce methane, which is a greenhouse gas. When livestock grazed at a large scale the methane production becomes a big problem that makes global warming faster.

Now maybe you are thinking “What makes global warming a threat?” The answer is “The consequences.” The increasement in greenhouse gas emissions not only causes the hot air to stay inside but also pollutes the air. If air pollution increases, the death rate will increase directly proportional to it. Cutting trees also means destroying the habitat of wild animals. The increasement in average temperature will cause the world’s ice sheets to melt and the water that comes out from the ice will raise the water level.

Now we know the causes and consequences of global warming. It is time to talk about the action we can take against this phenomenon. If deforestation increases the average temperature of the globe, then forestation will decrease. Also decreasing the usage of fossil fuel is another solution. We can use renewable energy sources instead of unrenewable energy sources. This will also decrease air pollution. Even changing your light bulb with a better one; walking or using bikes, if you are going a longer distance preferring public transportation instead of your own car can change this world.

Maybe the solutions I listed above seems a little bit hard for a person and maybe you think it won’t change anything if only you do these but we can do this together. We are living in this world together and we are hurting nature. As I said there is no way back but at least we can slow down the inevitable. Take care of your environment, protect your world. Because we are on fire.

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