We Destroy What Destroyed us

                                         WE DESTROY WHAT DESTROYED US

Noise pollution, also known as sound pollution, impacts millions of people on a daily basis.  And sound pollution is the formation of sound originating from humans, animals, or machines, which negatively affects human or animal life and disrupts its balance. Increasing noise in crowded cities often occurs due to the mixing of many sounds contradictory and at high levels. These sounds, which are unwanted and do not make any sense to the listener, are described as irregular and loud sounds. 

Well, National Geographic Society thinks that noise pollution is an invisible danger. That means we cannot see it, but it is present nonetheless, both on land and under the sea. Noise pollution is considered to be any unwanted or disturbing sound that affects the health and well-being of humans and other organisms. Honestly, there is no advantage to noise pollution. It seriously can hurt your eardrum, nerves so that your hearing ability will decrease gradually. It can also decrease your mantel ability, a memory so that you forget anything from your mind. If I need to talk about also animals, they are affected bad just like the humans. According to the researches, human noise causes severe stress in animals, and this stress affects animals’ own communication, even preventing them from drifting or breeding to different geographies. All these can even lead to the extinction of species in nature in the long run.  So, what should be done to prevent this issue?

Noise pollution is a bad and big event that causes nuisance. For instance, noise can disrupt sleep and prevent one from getting a rejuvenating rest due to the high sound vibrations.   Well, It is a fact that we can not stop the noise pollution. It’ll always be somewhere in our lives. But at least it’s also possible to reduce it. especially if I have to talk more specifically about my own city… There’s a lot of noise pollution here every day. it also increases unevenly according to the busy business round-trip hours. We all know that the streets, especially vehicles cause noise pollution. Some citizens purposely and unnecessarily honk and blow out the exhaust, and this has a serious effect on living things. As a solution to this, we are planning to place sound sensors in street lamps, so that it can be easily detected online with the help of cameras and sensors as a result of unnecessary horn use, and we think that noise pollution in that area can be prevented, albeit slowly. 

We think that this project can be implemented not only in our region, but also in other regions, and we would very much like to transfer this idea to real life. We can actually find a solution to the pollution that harms other nature and living things, such as noise pollution, which is not necessary. If we humans had already used our Earth well, none of this would have been necessary. 






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