Today as many students say the education system in Turkey is certainly not the best way to teach and prepare kids for real life. Our education system is based on exams and memorizing while it should be more focused on teaching us how to deal with life. The fact that money can also bring you to high places in work life is also a big problem. Because when some students work so hard to became successful and do great things people who aren’t even graduated from university get to be on greater positions like run a country. These facts could be more tolerated if the people who work really hard could surpass others with their effort. But unfortunately, that is not the case. Because the exam system doesn’t let them do greater things if they fail one. For instance, I’m going to attend the LGS exam next year and if I miss it for some reason everything, I have done t be someone valuable will be dumped in trash. The reason to that you can only enter LGS exam once, while you can enter TEOK more than once. That is neither equal nor reasonable. Another thing is that the system is based on memorizing, so they don’t teach us the reasons behind the formulas or rules while we are at school. What they do is to give us some specific information and then ask us to memorize them all. This is not the healthy way to teach kids’ stuff. It’s just a short termed solution while learning the main idea under the topic will be both long termed and more useful. So, the system we have to bear with until we graduate is just a way of making us slaves of straight and un-thinking minds. What it should be about is to raise bright minds of new generations for brighter futures.

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