Hand-drawn doodle pencil sketch of various subjects relating to nuclear energy. Items included: fission diagram, nuclear power plant, diagram of a nuclear power plant, radiation/nuclear symbol, atom, atomic blast mushroom cloud, nuclear waste and fusion diagram. Lined paper is on layer that can be easily removed. All items are grouped and on layers for easy adjustment. XL 5000x5000 jpeg included.


Hello, dear people who love the environment and the other people,

Today as you understand from the starting sentence, I will talk about our polluted earth. You know that almost everybody wastes their meals a lot. Let’s give an example. In many countries a lot of people eat rice, in India, America, Turkey, Italy, China etc. Why are we eating rice a lot? Why in many meals, is rice an indispensable ingredient? It is of course about cultural things but when the number of people who prefer rice increases among countries, the rate of waste also increases. And as you know, China’s population is very big and because of that waste rate also increases in this county. And do you know that to produce one kilogram of rice we need to use 300 liters of water? Let’s give another example. As we all know, in America fast foods are really cheap and the size of meals are extra big. In this country, people think that food is cheap and they want to eat more and more. But it is not good for the environment! Because to produce only one hamburger, we need to use 200 liters of water and 50 grams of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. There are a lot of people who cannot eat anything because of high prices or their country’s environment, like Africa.  While so many people cannot find enough water or food in the world, we cannot be so cruel. This is not fair. They are dying because of starving and we don’t know the meaning of these foods for them. So, we should act together and solve this problem. Let’s try this. I trust us that we will do this. When we understand the needs of people in need, we will be able to help them better. The first step starts with consuming less and polluting less. Good luck my good world’s warrior people. Love you all.

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