We still have time

The world is coming to an end. We all know this is true, so why don’t we ask ourselves if we have any precautions or plans in place in case something goes wrong? In our current condition, the globe is becoming dirtier more and more, wars are escalating, forests are burning, sea animals are drowning in the dirt, and animals are being killed, and the funniest thing is that we are the ones causing this harm. If we decide to commit these horrible crimes, we will have to deal with that problem on our own.

What are we doing to prevent this situation? If you look at the company’s reports and documents, you’ll notice that everything is based on lies. I saw a news report regarding this topic the other day. In Turkey, there is a river known as the Ergene River, which is the dirtiest river in the country. The reason for this is that all factories dump their waste into this river, but this river was once considered as the heart of agriculture; unfortunately, it is now poisonous and dangerous. As we all know, the Marmara Sea is full of mucilage as a result of years of dirt, which is due to the government’s negligence. Of course, we attempted to resolve the issue, but it was too late because the sea had already become polluted.

What are our plans if we won’t be able to find a place to live? Elon Musk, the billionaire, was chasing his dream at first, but now he’s going to Mars to examine the planet and see if people could live there, We will wonder if there’s any oxygen and if the atmosphere is suitable for us to live in, and he will find the answers for us. He will spend millions of dollars on a project that we barely understand. Of sure, we have some data and research on it, but it is insufficient for us to know the entire planet. Why don’t we invest billions on our planet instead of billions on this project?

Earth is not dead but if we don’t do anything it would die. We have many options to stop the chaos, but it cannot be limited to a single country; it must be a global precaution. We have studies that explain the rate of pollution and the causes of it, and we must build a solution based on that document. We need to look into how each company disposes of its waste. If they do a lot of things that destroy the environment, we must punish them. Because, as a planet, Earth is all we have, we must repair and clean it for the benefit of our generations.

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