Technology has a very important place in the industry in our lives. With the advancement of the industry, textile technology has also improved a lot. For example, wearable technology… Nowadays, technology is not only used in clothing production, it can be worn. Wearable technology Design creates a new field for engineers and scientists by combining science and fashion. In this article, the possible effects of wearable technologies on the future fashion industry were discussed.

Actually, wearable technology is not a new concept in our lives. It is used in many departments such as communication, health, sports and security. But the purpose of this article is its place and importance in fashion. While technological developments continue to progress, products are also being integrated into our lives. Old traditional designs are nowadays giving way to modern and futuristic designs.

When we say wearable technology, smart watches may come to mind at first, but the wearable technology category is generally divided as follows:

-Smart Watches

-Smart Wristbands

-Smart Glasses

-Smart Headphones

-Virtual Reality

-Smart Textile Products

-Smart Accessory & Jewelry


Smart watches in the near future further increase in popularity expected. In the near future a number of applications that can be used in smart making the watch a must has potential. In smart watches the expected new features are improved health tracking, superb quality stillimages, video capture, one touch interface, accurate volume control and improved in the form of sound feedback. Currently only high-end smart notes stand out and can distinguish themselves from simple fitness trackers. However, developing more next generation smart with functionality, simplified interfaces and potential features and applications shows that the screens will evolve.


Sound quality is the only reason to buy a Smart Headset but sound quality through smart headphones and the sound color can be customized to the earbud unlike models that have in-ear models and with implant surface, especially used for medical purposes. There are also ear-worn wearable technology products. Intelligent in wireless components and storage capacity makes the headphones among the optimum training accessories. Also wearable technology that they can also analyze measurements such as heart rate tracking and number of steps, which are indispensable for their products.


The rapid growth of digital devices is much stronger and lower price in the coming days. Promises cost-effective wearable technology. Potential convenience, wide product range and innovations like augmented reality have a brighter future for wearable devices suggest. Among the biggest problems of wearable technologies, yet also on phones. The charging problem we are experiencing is included. Staying away from energy sources and sockets it seems not possible. Charging smart watches, on the other hand, is much more tiring, users spend an extra effort every day to recharge the watch in their wrist which they don’t want to.


Technological developments and joint studies in various fields lead to the creation of innovative products makes it come out. Wearable technologies, one of the most important of these innovative products, IT, electronics, engineering, textile experts and designers in partnership emerged as a result of their work. In the future, wearable high-tech materials to design functional fashion products with technology, visionary fashion designers who will use it in clothes will be on the agenda.

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