So… I’m not a girl who talks about herself but I’m a storyteller. A storyteller who tells her story. I can explain it like I say things out loud as if I’m talking to someone. Then let’s start my vlog…

Hi guys me Charly again. I’m here to show my new little dog Sally. Say hi Sally

Omg. Guys you can’t imagine what Sally found. It’s a small sculpture that made of wood. Actually, it’s a little bit creepy but it’s much cooler.

Guys I’m scaring. Something happens at night. İ heard some voices. It’s like a horror movie, isn’t it?

You know I found a letter for me. I just opened my door and can’t figure out what I saw. There was a letter under at a black hat. To be honest, firstly I thought it was a love letter but there were just some coordinates. That was weird. Anyways I’m going there tomorrow. Let’s see what we will get.

So, the coordinates show me that there something in here in this dark forest? And when I look to coordinates, I was a little bit scared that’s why I took my friend Joe. Would you like to say something Joe? “Yeah, when Charly called me for that I was really excited but now I feel a little bit stressed. I hope Charly won’t take me to a place where illegal things happen.”   Ok, that was hard. Never mind, let’s go.

Guys we found a cave. Sssshh. Listen. Some voices are coming from inside. Let’s go.

Joe… JOE… Joe went into the cave and hasn’t come from there for half an hour. I’m coming Joe, wait for me…






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