Welfare and Equality

What is welfare,  its the statutory procedure or social effort designed to promote the basic physical and material well-being of people in need. Would over-population really effect the welfare of a nations society?

Welfare is a factor coming from territorial development, from the smallest villages to the biggest cities of a nation, being a outcome of GDP and population growth, population growth would improve the GDP of a country leading to the welfare level increasing, however what if we’re talking about a country with low death rate and high birthrate? In example we could put Nigeria,  Nigeria ranks amongst one of 12 out of 40 countries in sub-Saharan Africa with a high growth rate. In 2020, death rate for Nigeria was 11.4 for out of 1000 people. Meanwhile a high working population would increase the welfare level, but a country with high population but low working population would worsen the welfare level of a country. But what about European countries? European countries have tripled their death rate’s and increased birth rates, making space for improvement on the working class. As a politican has said, “The working class is the pillar of a country, without it, that nation is destined to fail”

However what about over population? Over-Population would hardly depend on the working class, it would mostly depend on supply and demand, in example, if there’s a huge demand for toilet papers and the government can’t supply those who need it, it will create governmental instability. Without anything to work for, how long would it take for the working class to rise up? As in instance, the French Revolution was caused by the unhappy locals and workers for harsh taxes and pressure on them, without the means to supply the people, taxes would also increase. Nowadays you can see many riots and protests about pay inequality, prices of the most basic human needs. Now imagine, the populations has doubled, would governments and states would be able to upkeep the welfare level as in the level of the old population,

I hardly doubt, so in most instances over population does effect both the global and national welfare level.

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