We’ll Meet Again

“Ahh, I’m back here again the city of freedom Mondstadt.” said Chaoxiang as he walked through the gates into the kingdom that was once his home. He felt the peace of being back at home however did he even had the right to call this place home? He erased the thoughts in his mind this visit was merely for business he no longer belonged here, after all that happened.

He saw an unfamiliar face walking towards him. Perhaps a city guard. She had long brown hair a red ribbon shaped like bunny ears was placed on her head. Her attire wasn’t formal so she definitely wasn’t a royal knight she probably worked at outerskirts. She stood a few feets away from him and started talking. “I’m Amber, outrider for Knights of Favonius. And.. you must be.. Ah! The ambassador of Liyue Qixing Sir Chaoxiang.” He chuckled at the so called Ambers child like behavior at handling an important guest. “You are right. I’m sensing that you’ll be the one escorting me through the city.” He said with a soft smile that never left his face. Amber exclaimed “Yes sir, please follow me!” and walked towards the winery Chaoxiang found familiar. “This is Mondstadts tavern. The beverages here come directly from the Dawn winery itself! So they are always fresh.” Amber said as they stood in front of the winery. “Let’s continue…” Ambers words got cut because of a drunkards impolite way of opening the taverns door, causing a bang. Amber was rightfully irritated the drunkard embarrassed her infront of such an important guest after all. She started scolding the guy telling him to mind his manners and not drink so much. While she was scolding the impolite guy Chaoxiang eyes was glued to a person. The bartender, he definitely recognized him. He hated the smell of alcohol either way he walked in without any hesitation. “Diluc.” The red haired bartenders eyes turned upon the formally dressed Chaoxiang and almost instantly his face showed an expression of uppermost disgust. “Why are you here?” said the bartender. “For work, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give my greetings to an old friend.” Chaoxiang said as his smile switched to a sadder one. The bartender definitely noticed the change in Chaoxiangs face but did not cared for it “You are not welcomed here, leave.” Chaoxiang knew this would’ve been the outcome so he left the tavern without a fuss. “I’m sorry Sir Chaoxiang that was completely irresponsible for me to..” Ambers words got cut again. “Save the apology it was not your fault lets head to the headquarters.” said the ambassador of the Qixing. “Of course.” Amber said in a quiet voice.

Rest of the walk was silent other than explanations of certain places. Chaoxiang was glad that the city got improvements but the side of him felt saddened that he wasn’t here to see it all happen.

“I mustn’t escort you further into the quarters. The Quartermaster of Knights of Favonius Kaeya will escort you further.” Amber expressed. Green haired Chaoxiangs eyes widened at the moment he heard the name Kaeya. He wasn’t expecting to run into any of the two brothers but now he was going to encounter the one he was wary of the most. Kaeya and Diluc, he wondered if the both of them was still as close as before. The blue haired male with his iconic eyepatch walked in. “Sir Chaoxiang we have been expecting you, I’m Kaeya the Cavalry Captain of the Favonius. I’ll lead the way.” Chaoxiang stood there surprised perhaps Kaeya didn’t recognized him or he was pretending to do so. “Kaeya do you not remember me?” Chaoxiang couldn’t hold his urge to confront Kaeya to not recognizing his dear friend. Kaeya sighed then started talking “If someone had told me something like this was going to happen, I would have said it was impossible. But here you are after all those years.” Chaoxiang looked at the knight that wasn’t facing him “I didn’t belong here. I had to leave after I had learned your true intentions.” Kaeya stopped Chaoxiang, now facing him “You would’ve left either way because you are selfish.” Chaoxiang couldn’t say a word he knew the knight was right, he knew all he had right now was because he left that day that it was because he was selfish. “I still care for Mondstadt Kaeya thats why I’m here to make this agreement.” Kaeya laughed cunningly “You don’t care for us you care for Liyue. If you cared for us you would’ve never left us with Diluc in such state.” then he started walking towards the Acting Grandmaster’s door. Chaoxiang followed his chest was burning, he wanted to apologize, cry on Kaeyas shoulder but his emotions was not important to him in any way.

He walked through the door that was opened by Kaeya. Acting Grandmaster was sitting at her desk her blond hair tied in a simple ponytail. “Welcome to Mondstadt, I’m Acting Grandmaster Jean.” She got up from her desk. “Greetings Master Jean, I’m the ambassador of Liyue Qixing, Chaoxiang.” Jean pointed to the seat infront of her desk then they both got seated. “As you know this agreement today will determine the future of both lands so I would hope no hindrance to occur.” Said The Grandmaster. “I agree.” said Chaoxiang sensing the slight accusation of not cooperating in a way in the Grandmasters words. Grandmaster pulled a paper out of the locked drawer “Well then let’s begin.”

After Chaoxiangs work was done he preferred to leave the city himself. He had this feeling in his chest as he left the city gates. The feeling of leaving again after all those years still felt bad. But this time there was also the feeling of guilt because he just signed a contract that could be the end of Mondstadt and the two people he cares about the most Kaeya and Diluc.

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