-Cloud Technologies,

Cloud means virtual environment, these virtual environments are divided into four.

1.Public Cloud (Public Cloud): You can set up your own system with the Public Cloud system. You can use various features of your e-mails without paying money, thanks to your technology that you have built on resources that you will rent through a third company. The more you use in the Public Cloud, the more you pay. The needs of small and medium-sized companies are met.

2.Private Cloud: It is a type of cloud technology preferred by larger companies and companies whose information is more important. As an example of companies using Private Cloud technology, we can show Hyper – V and System Center products offered by Microsoft company. Since the structure established in the Private Cloud system is special, the data and information are under your control.


3.Hybrid Cloud: It is the technology that emerges from the combination of Hybrid Cloud Public and Private Cloud, and is used where security and privacy are at the forefront and caution is required. It varies according to the size of the company. It would make more sense for small companies to use the Public Cloud. Those who have high data and information storage needs can use this system.

4.Community Cloud: Community Cloud, which is not used much, is the case where any service received on the cloud is shared with several companies. Companies don’t use community cloud technology much, but it is one of the ideal clouds for people with multiple companies.

-The History and Creation of Cloud Technologies,

Although it is hard to believe, the history of cloud technologies dates back to the 1960s. When people think of cloud, they usually think of storage. But the concept of cloud is not just about that. Media files can be stored in the cloud as well as data can be stored. For example, databases. So, what is a database? We can describe the database like this: Think of a website and you need to register. When you register, your registration data is saved in the database, that is, in the cloud, and stored for you to log in later.

Privacy and Security in Cloud Technologies

So, is our data safe in such virtual environments? How is the security of our data ensured? Today, these details are very important, not only data but also media files are very important in security. For example, your phone’s backup feature usually backs up your device to cloud servers. For example, on iPhone devices, your device is backed up to the cloud system called i cloud, which is Apple’s own service. Or Android devices Android systems do not have a special backup service, but most users use the cloud system we call google drive because it is easy and fast to use. Well, two big companies do not these companies have any security vulnerabilities? Of course, there is, but these companies spend a lot of money for user security and install a security system. First of all, the last attack and hacking date of Apple’s i cloud service was August 31, 2014. On this date, secret photos were spread as a result of hacking the i cloud account of most celebrities. There is not much information about Google Drive, but it has definitely been hacked at least once. After all, between 2000 and 2015, data leaks could occur because the security of the technology was not very strong.




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