What Brings You to Success?

What comes to mind when you hear the word success? How about innovation, inspiration, relevance, respect, satisfaction? Success is the achievement of the desired outcome. Even if you are an entrepreneur or an artist, being successful means committing yourself to the process. And, like any process, there are some steps that you need to take to achieve your goals. But which one is the key to being successful, creativity or hard work? 

What is the secret to being happy when you compare creativity and hard work? Experts say there is a balance between the hard-working and creativity. We are happy at work when we work towards goals that align with our unique strengths and talents. Working hard to achieve a goal is often more satisfying than actually achieving it. But when hard work quickly turns into an unhealthy habit of a workaholic (a person who works a lot of the time and finds it difficult not to work) and burnout,  fatigue erodes the happiness we get from the work we produce. The truth is that we often forget to make a crucial question. “What should I achieve, what is working hard?” Or “How does this work successfully?” 

Creative ideas are an idea that brings a fresh perspective on something in an actual situation. Think of a brainstorming session for creative ideas. Resin is unusual, disappointed or disappearing. However, permissions suitable for scenarios are not necessarily appropriate. Creative solutions are creative ideas to solve the problem. Because the creative solution does not lose the problem, do not lose any related questions, adding all holes to add all the holes to make additional ideas and to achieve the goal. The comparison of creativity working hard is not a choice that can do it if someone wants to actually succeed. Creativity and hard work lead to success, but only when they work together. Success is a relay race, not just one sprint, where everything depends on passing the baton. Creativity defines goals and solutions to achieve them. Hard work drives strategic actions to achieve this goal.

Finally, creativity and hard-working are not just on the same team, they can not stay on their path. It is important to remember that both are part of the innovation process. It is no use holding a meeting if one of them does not have a seat. Recap of innovation is definitely the sum of hard-working and creativity.

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