What does it take to be successful ?

“Most people believe in intelligence. I don’t believe it is labour that separates us from each other. I believe in work.” said Aziz Sancar. But what is the truth? What do you need to do to be successful? Is work and effort superior or intelligence? Which is better on the road to success?

First of all, let’s start with intelligence: Intelligence is all of the abilities of a person to think, reason, perceive objective facts, judge, draw conclusions and use all the elements of the mind appropriately in order to find appropriate solutions by meeting new problems, and it is generally defined by IQ in people -IQ: English intelligence quotient. Intelligence quotient, or intelligence level, is the value derived from several different standardized tests for measuring intelligence. So you can think of intelligence as a person’s ability level. This can be given as an example of studying. Some people can work for 10 hours, but cannot exceed 5 hours, while some can pass everyone by working for 3-4 hours. So intelligence certainly matters, but can hard work surpass intelligence?

As it can be understood from the example we gave, it is quite difficult for work to surpass intelligence. I want to use another example here: Edison was once asked, “To what do you owe your success? “The room says, “95 per cent work, 5 per cent intelligence.” says. Intelligence is luck for a person. But a person who is not very intelligent can also achieve good success if he sets his goal well and works.
But can’t intelligence be developed? As a result of the researches, 2 types of intelligence have been found, one of which is the understanding, comprehension, learning capacity and mental performance of the person, the potential intelligence we call IQ. Therefore, potential intelligence does not develop, but practical intelligence can be developed. If a person develops himself mentally and emotionally well and gets a good education, he can use his potential intelligence to the fullest. It also means that if a person does not receive education, intelligence can also decline. In studies, the causes of intelligence decline are given as examples by illness and other mental problems, for example, in depressions, in cases where the person’s understanding and comprehension skills are impaired, intelligence decreases. People say, ‘My brain has stopped.”. It really does. After the illness has passed, the mind is restored to its former performance with enhancement programs.

Then, a third person enters the subject: intellect (smart). The simplest definition of intellect is intelligence + experience, and the difference between intelligence and intellect is knowledge and experience. Teachers can give an example of this, no matter how smart a kid is, he cannot write a correct article without knowing the spelling rules and necessary terms. But in general, the people we call smart or intelligent are people who plan well, think well of the future, use their intelligence well, and benefit from their knowledge and experience. To be an intelligent person, intelligence is important but not enough.

Edison was once asked, “To what do you owe your success? “The room says, ’95 per cent work, 5 per cent intelligence’. Intelligence is luck for a person. However, if a person who is not very smart sets his goals well and works hard, he will be much more successful than his peers. As a result, you will understand that the most necessary thing to be a successful person is neither intelligence nor hard work. So if you want to be successful, be smart, be careful, look for opportunities and do not be discouraged by your mistakes; take a lesson. And try again only then will you succeed.

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