What Happens After We Die?

Have you ever thought about what people do after they die? I can assure you, the answer isn’t nearly as interesting as you thought it would be. Before I tell you about the eternal torment each one of us is bound to endure, I’d like to tell you a story.

There once was a boy who was very tired of his life in his old village. He was a forger, like his father, and his mother had recently chosen a girl for him to marry. Most people would be very happy to be in his position. To have a stable income and a family. But his mind was elsewhere.

Like Christopher Columbus, he too burnt with the desire to set sail to the vast and discover a new foreign land. A land where wealth abounds, a land where he could be free. His village was too small to entice him. Where were all the luxuries he was destined to find within the unexplored lands of the outside world?

He yearned to leave, but his mother would not hear of it. He had tried everything. He refused to marry the beautiful woman his mother had chosen to be his wife, he even bought a small boat to convince her mother he was serious about making his dreams come true. But each time she was adamant in her refusal: “No son of mine will leave this place. We have lived here for many years. How will our family line continue when my only son leaves?”

In short, he stayed in his poor village -out of pity for his mother- and married to have two beautiful children. Nothing much became of him, he slowly grew older and handed his job on to one of his sons—who then sold the place and lost the money in a bet shortly after—until he finally died.

And now, here I am, tormented by everything I couldn’t do when I was alive. And that is the same for every other person. If you ever wondered what the dead do after they reach the void, this is what we do. Regret. We are forever doomed, thinking about our regrets. Whether it’s small things, like not saying “I love you” enough to your mom, or bigger things like destroying the time-travelling machine you made…

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