What I Want from 2022

We had a difficult year as a country. But we will have a new year in a very short time.
 Is there anything that you wish were true for the new year? I have many, but let me start with the first one.          
First of all, I really want our economy to improve. Because this year, a lot of people have had problems because of this situation. 
Secondly, I want our education system to improve too. Because many students are uncomfortable with our education system.
 Let's talk about the social aspects. 
I think there is very little space for children to have fun. For this reason, I think entertainment areas should be increased. 
Then, green areas should definitely be evaluated in a beneficial way in our country. 
For example, those areas can be used for sports activities and so on. can be done.
Actually, as you can see, there are a lot of things I want. But if at least a few of them come true, it would be much, much better for everyone.
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