Firstly, I really want to have a sister in 2022 because I feel very lonely as an only child and I think I would be very surprised if I learned that I am going to have a sister. Secondly, my wish from 2022 is a new picture tablet. I think the best thing I’ve discovered about myself in 2021 is that I can draw really great pictures. I also want the picture tablet to be able to make more professional pictures, but the prices of the picture tablets are also quite expensive. Thirdly, I would like the coronavirus to go away, as everyone wants, and I would like to be peaceful and happy with my family. Fourth, I want a lot of money in 2022, it’s something very classic but I think everyone would like to have lots of money. And finally, I want to do things that I think will be really different and useful to me and my environment in 2022.So what do you want from the new year?

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