What Is Beauty

Humankind has been discovering things since the beginning of time. This is because of human interests. They discovered so many things and they made some inferences from them. After that, they made some new technologies that changes our lives. All of the information that people took, is passed from generation to generation. Even now some scientists are exploring the history of humans. We want to see the past for knowing how technologies changed our lives. A lot of change happens cause of technology and human interest change with that too. Also, human perspectives changed with that.

Technology changes our lives with new things like phones, television, and different devices. They change our perspective on life. For example in normal life, in our homes, we should do our own food but now most the people make an order on phone for food and the food came to the home. It is actually not good for collecting money. New lifestyles appeared with these changes. Now there are a lot of humans that are living completely differently. And they have their own tastes and own perspectives. They wear different clothes and they eat different foods. But the thing I write about is not about the culture, the thing is the difference between the same group. Some of them follow some pages that make something that only those people like and those people adopt to that and then they have their own tastes. So when we thought someone is beautiful it is actually looking like someone who is said to be beautiful. When we are saying someone is not looking good. Internet is a way for it. So the things that people are loved are mostly something that their environment does or acts.

About beauty, it is a thing that people loved, and as I said it changes from person to person. Physical appearance is changed with the environment. It changes what people love but I think that the thing inside someone is the real beauty. Because no one has the same opinion every time. Everyone has their own opinions on new things. And because of that, the beauty inside is better.


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