What is dark energy?

Dark energy is a hypothectical (theoretical) unknown form of energy that is thought to make our universe expand.

 It is invisible to us, even if we use special tools. It makes up more than half of the universe. To be excact, it makes up about 73% of the universe. As I said before, it makes our universe expand. This “expansion” is thought to be one of the ends of the universe.

Now that I explained you the dark energy, I should talk about dark matter and its cousin, anti-matter. I will start with dark matter, since it is easier to explain. Dark matter is basically the opposite of dark energy. It makes our universe get smaller. It is again a hypothetical matter.

And don’t worry, we are getting close to the end with the anti-matter. Anti matter is basically the opposite of the “matter” as we know. The only thing known about anti-matter is that it was created with the matter we know, at the beginning of the universe, and lost the war to the matter. We create it every second, but in very small amounts of it. Why we can’t see it though, is explained by the explosions it has with the matter. That is why we call it anti-matter.

Not fun fact – A gram of anti-matter could destroy humanity. And to showcase how dangerous this is: A gram of anti-matter could be sold for about 30 trillion dollars – at minimum price. If it was sold though, its avarage price would be about 63 trillion dollars.

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