What is The Main Point of Gender Roles?

Gender roles have been subjected to various discriminations and classifications from past to present. When we look at today, it is still possible to see people and places that discriminate against gender, although not as much as before. Even if not all elders think so, unfortunately, there are old people around everyone who judge people by their gender. For example, we hear stereotypes such as “Do girls play football?” or “Boys don’t cry”. After that, they say it was like this in our time. There is a bad judgment in societies about gender discrimination and it is our responsibility to change it.

First of all, the first thing most people should break, even if they don’t want to admit it, is that there aren’t just two genders. Besides, people can define themselves as nonbinary. No one has the right to interfere in this and it is something that must be respected. As for gender roles, we can divide this issue into two. More precisely, we can divide people’s thoughts into two. The first are those who separate each subject according to gender, the second are those who do not care about gender. Both are topics that can be discussed at length. First, I want to talk about those who discriminate.

Although it is not valid for every country, I think the number of people who make a distinction is higher in Turkey. This distinction can be made even in the smallest thing without realizing it. Even if some of them are doing it by mistake, there are people who are aware of it. For example, one of the simplest examples is “Your hair is like a girl’s hair.” “You’re dressed like a man.” We could cite many such examples. In my opinion, such judgmental stereotypes are one of the most pointless things societies have ever faced. In the past, girls did not go to school, for example, people at that time sent boys to school and taught girls housework, and got married at an early age. When we think about it now, it sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Because of people with this mindset, inequality instead of order emerges in society. Currently, there are both men and women who are successful in every branch. It could have been like this past days. The only reason this is the case is because gender discrimination is the same as it is today.

People who do not discriminate, I think, will be the biggest reason for the end of gender stereotypes in the future. For example, if we think about it, if everyone makes a distinction, this will always be the case. But even a single person’s opposition to it can change the minds of those around him and it spreads around everyone. As a result, innovations enter our lives because a large majority think differently. So in the future, I hope, if gender discrimination ends, the biggest reason will be thanks to people who are sensitive about this issue.

To conclude, I think those gender roles in society do not cause anything but inequality and this needs to come to an end urgently. I find it extremely unnecessary to judge people based on meaningless thoughts, and I wish everyone to be conscious of this. Unless we destroy such mindsets in society, we will never be able to progress and deal with the real big problems. For this reason, I wish on behalf of everyone that people who discriminate get rid of their unnecessary thoughts as soon as possible and find ideas that can improve society more.

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