The actual meaning of life ? Well, that is such a ridiculous question because there is no way that it could be the same for everyone. I believe, the actual meaning of life is how you perceive it yourself. Some of us finds their own meaning of life by dedicating themselves to their own religion, or the others just find it by understanding that giving is a lot more important than taking. There are lots of examples like that but if you’re also trying to find yours, then I would recommend you to observe. Observe the things in your life more carefully, know yourself better than the others, know what you like or dislike, know what’s the thing that you cannot live without in your life, give more attention to little details. And at the end you’ll surely see some progress. And mostly, don’t care about what the others think of you or how they perceive you, because know that the people that you are friends with right now, that you trust with every part of your being, might be gone in the future. But, the person who will never leave you behind and will always keep on carrying you, the one to always forgive your mistakes will also be yourself, not the others. So do not let others draw your way in life and instead create your own, even if you lose some beloved ones in it. And do not forget that life is so short for tolerating things that makes you angry and detains you from doing things that you like. Know that you are loved and worth living no matter what happens to you.

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