What Needs To Be Experienced

Art is very necessary for the development and development of a country. Art, in fact, is a heart that a country must constantly beat. If this heart stops, it stops in the country. We need art for the country to live. A country without art is a country without a soul, gloomy, tired of life. That’s why we need art.

I don’t think art is in a good place in Turkey. Generally, art is considered unnecessary in Turkey. How can we expect art that is not even given in schools to be in the country?

Our perspective on art is also very inadequate. Art is not just about music or painting. Unfortunately, this is a sad situation, since in most schools it is integrated that art consists only of these courses. We need to break this thought at first. There must be some things that need to be done in this.

At first, we should think about what we can do to develop art in our country. It is necessary to increase education in a real sense. He should be trained not to switch to any profession, but to fully develop. We need to read a lot and make the activities for the arts a little more economically viable. As I said, art doesn’t just consist of music or painting. Literature, science, sports, fashion are all actually arts. Therefore, an education starting from primary schools should be given first. In this education, it is necessary to find out what the individual is good at, what he has talent at, what he likes to do and examine it and give the individual the lessons of this art branch. It is not an impossible event to achieve this. If desired, it can be done quite easily with a proper program.

Then, the fact that parents follow things such as exhibitions, concerts, theaters related to different branches of art and take their children with them or organize these trips in schools provides an important factor in children’s love for art. If these activities are held regularly enough, the child chooses which area he can make the right choice. After all, a person is educated from a small age. Then, in order for a country to grow with art, it is necessary to start from a small age.

To achieve the level of modern civilization is possible through the development of creative thinking. In order to develop creative thinking in both general and artistic terms, art education should be considered as an area that should be given after the profession, as well as basic, secondary, higher education and professional process starting from preschool. In this sense, art education should not be considered as a complement to other courses, but as an obligatory field that should be given due to its subjective structure.

Developing art is something that is in our own hands. Art depends on us. If we want a developed country, then we have to do it ourselves. We must move forward without despair. Because the happiness and peace of a country are also all directly related to art. If we don’t care about art, then we will have to put aside the country we live in and do our unhappiness in this country with our own hands and watch. As a result, art is connected with everything and has a lot of branches, but all that needs to be done is to bring it out and let everyone see it.

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