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What Others Say?

Since the beginning of humanity, we have made almost all of our decisions based on the opinions of others. We decide what to buy, what to wear, and even whom we like, based on others’ opinions.

Although there are exceptions of course, in general, all people at some point in their lives put the thoughts of others at the center of their lives. Some people do it all the time, some do it less and some do not do it at all. Nowadays, older people focus on what the people around them are saying. Neighbors, relatives, acquaintances—if they find out. But something has to happen face-to-face for elderly people to care. Middle-aged people are also interested in what the same people say, but besides face-to-face meetings, they also access people’s views from social media. Middle-aged people are more or less into social media and they are really active. Actually, they are doing lots of comments to each other. But if we are looking for young people, I cannot say they are not caring what their relatives or neighbors or etc. say but they are more interested the someone who is in the social media who even they do not really know. If they are posting something and someone says ” This is disgusting.” or something else like this they might think about it all day. Plus that if we should come back to real-world for them they are really caring about their friends’ opinions. They want their compliments for anything to do, buy, choose, etc. Then the question in there is: Why? 

According to my opinion, it’s because of the human lifestyle. Human is social entity. They live together and they exclude together. Human wants to be social and if they are excluded it will affect their life. When you are excluded people treat you differently, look at you different or etc., and at the end of this, you feel uncomfortable.

If we are looking for me what I do not do something because of people’s opinions it would be saying the kinds of music that I like. Actually, it doesn’t mean that I am being ashamed about my music taste but when people are talking about this they talking about the ones who I really don’t know and when I compare my answer with theirs and the reactions that they get and think about it, I do not want to tell them my answer. If I should think about it now it is really a little problem but if I should go to the time that they asked me it was so tiring.

Of course, it was not a big thing that I am not doing because of what people think. I didn’t tell them because I am not doing them because I care what people think. Of course, I won’t tell that in this type of platform. And at the end of my blog, I want to say I wish us a world with people who don’t care about something which is not their business.

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