During the pandemic, people were closed in their houses and isolated from everyone they know. And even now, we can see the effects of the quarantine people were in. Nowadays people are afraid to socialize because they forgot how to. During past two years, everyone was trapped in between all of their houses. This made us forget how it felt to talk to people face to face. It’s even worse for people who have social anxiety because they were already getting anxiety with being in crowds. It also has negative comebacks on teenagers such as depression, technology addiction. While we were trying to decrease the time kids and teens look to screen with online education coming to our lives it became harder to take kids and teens off the computer. The only difference is that they sat in front of computers, tablets etc. for education not for gaming. It also made teens more asocial. The suicide amount also increased by a bunch along teens. Online dating and friends also become more popular. But I don’t think meeting people online let alone dating them is the best idea. Because you don’t know who might be on the other and. But the quarantine also had some good impacts on us. Like so many people discovered new interests and hobbies.

People had time to think about themselves and their life choices. Some even had the chance to start online business they always dreamed of. People turned being isolated in their houses to an advantage for themselves when others couldn’t and became successful. I think that I’m one of those who used it to make great things. Because last year I studied whenever time I had and became of myself and achieved so many goals. But even after achieving the most I could I still don’t feel like I’m enough. I still feel I could have done better if only I studied a little more or got better LGS points on my trial exams. That’s why I will start and continue to work twice as harder because there is always more to achieve and work for.

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