What Should We Do About Our Criminals?

Turkey, which is our country, has 383 prisons. And the crime rate per 100.000 people is 674. It changes depending on the cities but generally, it is like that. Turkey’s population is 84 million without a fraction. So if we multiply it by the ratio, we have half a million criminals in our lovely country. It is a little bit much for the other countries. I want to ask something then, Are our country’s laws not enough, or Is it about the people we have? Also, our prison numbers can be not enough for criminals. What are we going to do about it?



In my opinion, we should change our laws or the people who are thinking they are good at their job. Because our indigenous people are not judged according to the laws correctly. Innocent people are getting punishments for what they did not deserve. Rich people are always one step ahead of the people who come from poverty. Everyone can not be a lawyer or judge. We should give the responsibilities to people who are good at their job and deserve it. Laws can be changed but it is not a permanent way to decrease the percentage of criminals. Because we will change them again and again and in the end, we will not have any laws from the past, from our ancestors.


If we increase the number of prisons in Turkey, it will not affect our ratio. Because I guess that we will not do right. We can increase the number too much and we can send more innocent people to prisons just because we have space. All I want is; who did a bad thing for the environment, people and animals must be punished in the right way.








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