What to do to Decrease Crime Rates

Crimes happen in all the countries and all the countries have jails. Some countrys have more jails because they have more criminals and there are some main reasons why in some countries crime rates are much higher compared to other countries.

One of the biggest effect to the crime rates is the culture. Some cultures tend to normalize crimes like theft or beating people. Some culturess have really strict laws and punishments against crimes. And definetely it affects the crime rates very obviously. Other important factor is education levels of the people in the countries. By looking at the list of countries with the most and least crime rates, we can easily observe that countries with the least crime rates are countries with the most educated people and these countries definetely have better education system compared to other countries.

   People might tend to think that the stricter laws are, the lesser crime rates are. However, when we investigate the list of countries with higher and the least crime rate, we can easily observe that laws does not have that much of effect. For example, Scandinavian countries are placed quite nice in that list and when we compare their laws’ strictness with other countries, we can see that their laws are quite lenient. At the same time, South American countries which are placed not very ideally, have strict laws but apperantly strictness of the laws does not have that much of a effect in crime rates.

So, what should be done to decrease the crime rates? Do building more jails is a solution? Of course, it is not a solution. If a country do that, this would exactly mean that this country gave up on decreasing the crime rates. As I mentioned the affects of the crime rates, we can lead to some conclusions like;

Increasing the education levels in the country and to have a better education system, this would definetly decrease the crime rates as we see all around the world. Another effective solution is if your culture tend to normalize some crimes, conceding that and delete that aspect from the culture. And lastly, if about some crimes there is not enough laws about that crime, legislating new laws about that crime. But as I mentioned in my writing, the strictness of the law will not have that big effect.

As a result, countries should educate their people and improve theirselfs in order to decrease crime rates in the country. Building new jails and giving up is definetely should not be an option.

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