What Truly Are Beliefs

There are so many beliefs about different things that so many people follow traditionally (by stories or religion ) or learning later by the environment ( like black cat or ) that the person lives in . But before talking about these, what are beliefs ? There are two types of beliefs that are religion and superstition but different from others there is atheism .

First atheism is generally not believing there is a god or gods , natural power or an absolute power , being ; but believing in science , nature and evolution that are explainable and visible instead of miracles . Second superstition, superstitions are a total of beliefs or practices that usually arise from ignorance, missing understanding of scientific knowledge or causality and believing in destiny or magic, perceiving supernatural influences. The origin of superstitions is thought to come from ancient paganism beliefs. The ancient habits of superstition continued to exist, whereas the beliefs that once made them meaningful have long disappeared. Some very known superstitions include pouring water behind someone who will go on a journey, not going under the stairs, not cutting nails at night, believing that seeing a black cat will bring bad luck. And lastly religion .

Religion is something completely different . There are so much religions Islam has an absolute power with absolute powers that doesn’t have shape or limitations and is even above space and time and still can’t stop bad things that are happening on earth such as hunger that kills humans that he adors so much . And what about Christianity , christianity has so much contradiction at least I think like that first a man with superpowers that can cure every disease is born “without” a father and he still dies because of mortals can’t he heal himself … than the humans that torture and kill him starts to blindly worship him . Okay everything is okay but religion itself is so fantastic that it feels like some very good writer that loves “love” works his whole life for it . Don’t look at me but others aren’t different . Jewish people think that they are above all and think they are more developed than humans while they are literally all consanguineous marriages for centuries . People get incurable diseases and genetic disorders because of consanguineous marriages . And what about Buddhism some bald man that never feels the touch of a woman works their whole life to train their body and learns fighting and becomes almost superhuman that still dies to a single bullet in modern world tries to understand dao or taoism or whatsoever of a self proclaimed god psychos words and worships this man as a god named buddha . This religion itself is the meaning of gender inequality .

I think these beliefs slowed humanity’s development significantly and started war amongst them . In my mind these beliefs are just means for people to achieve their selfish desires or some made up thing to put people in line . If Islam was really good their caliph thing would finish with Muhammed and their next generations wouldn’t fight to be the caliph and have their authority . Christianity is the same . Papa’s literally selled portions of heaven to people for money in the past and they still have huge infullience around the world but they really had the worst leaders (Papa) for generations that didn’t even see their believers even human and abused their authority . And these two are biggest religions around the whole world and get used by peoples of generations for means to achieve their foolish and selfish desires .

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