what will i do if i make big amount of money

If I had made a large amount of money from somewhere (lottery, scratchcard or something else) the first thing I would do would be to invest. So for what? If it were me, I would first invest in virtual currencies or the shares of famous brands and increase the amount of my money, but I would not invest all of my money there because I risk losing it so I invest some of the money there (example 60%) with the money I earn from here to other poor countries (example Africa, Somalia, Chad, Guinea, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Afghanistan and many more countries) So what else to invest with this money? For example, a company can open and sell the items on the agenda (for example, masks, disinfectants, cologne, visor masks, etc.) and I think that would be a very lucrative business. So, what can we do after we have earned or saved enough of our money? If you were to ask me, my answer would be this: I think we can live our own lives after giving the necessary help to poor children, homeless people, sick people by giving medicine money, and then helping people in need, for example, after buying things like a house and car, the first thing I will do is to make the company I founded more comprehensive. I would bring it and decide to sell other products, for example, I would start selling things such as technological products and spare parts (phone, phone case, glass protector, keyboard, mouse, earphones…) and daily items so that I could increase my money and invest more on my company so that I can invest more in my company. As I earn more money, I will develop my company more, but everything has an end and one day I will stop working in this company and I can do so many things with the money I have saved until that day that it is difficult to even count, but I will still list a few. Among them; There are a lot of things like bequeathing to my children (i would have already had children by then), donating to charities, helping the sick and homeless/poor people, trying to save failing companies, and not even all of them.

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