What will they say?

What will they say?


People always tend to share their ideas on certain issues they hear about or get to see it themselves as they are so bold as to do so. I would like to talk especially for how things work in my country, but it would be wrong as I believe the situation I am going to explain is surely common everywhere on every country and region. People give too much importance on what people will say if they do something and they end up double thinking or doubting whether to do so or not. They do because as if I am to be honest I personally wouldn’t really enjoy being judged by people due to things that I do and only concern me or are totally irrelevant to those to judge and I am pretty sure this goes for everyone as I am almost certain that I have nobody of such example around me that I know. This creates fear in people and prevents them from acting the way they normally would. So we can actually never be sure if one is doing or not doing something because they will be judged about it if they do so. The fact that people will actually judge and talk about it for a long time is already a bad thought when you think about it but in my opinion it is obvious that someone cannot live this way, thinking of doing something with the unease the uncertainty if people will go around talking about it.

So the thing that must be done on this is that we must not live with such a fear. I like to approach issues like this as if we think about it people will always find thing to talk about if they really want to and they do not even have to be based on anything factual so I find it unnecessary to think sensitive about it. I could just simply not listen to what people say if I am sure that what they say is false about me, but to do this I must be sure of myself and be honest to myself as if it the way they talk then if this annoys me I must either change that way I do things if I believe it’s wrong or not repeat such a thing. I seem to hear you asking if this gives them the right to judge one for it, the answer is of course no.

Another helpful and supportive factor at such a situation would be see if you have friends around you that already know what kind of a person you are or if they are sure that what people say about you is probably false. I honestly don’t have a single thing that I wish I did due to the fear on what people will say for it. Due to my certain attitude people understand that I wouldn’t mind or care if they do so and don’t attempt such a thing.

Although I do have a lot of examples around me even in my close friends and I believe it must be changed as it would create a more peaceful environment for everyone…

Necdet Ata Tuzun

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