What Would Happen If I Was Elon Musk ?

When I woke up It was cold and dark.It was near sunrise but the wheather was darkish.Hey Im Elon Musk and welcome to the day in my life.I wash my face when I get out of bed as a first priority to my day.I never skip my morning coffee.I take a quick shower and dress up.After that I head towards downstairs to have a quick breakfast at this time of the day my family is still sleeping so I have some time alone to get my Ideas togheter.I dont check my e-mails yet because I believe in mixing your head up with informations which distracts you from your own time.So I do not check things related to work.After I get finished with my breakfast I head to my workplace to get started with my work.After long 8 hours I get done with my work time I head to my house but before that I have a business dinner with my executives and business partners to plan our companys future ahead.When I arrive home usually my wife greets me then my kids.To have some family time togheter I put my kids to bed and as a last thing to do I go through my investments and tesla stocks to recover or invest after 2 hours I go to bed to end my day there.Im Elon musk and thats a day In my life.In this blog I wrote my self as Elon Musk and imagined living like him.Thank you for your attention.

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