Two human in x-ray vision with brain. 10 EPS file with transparency effects and overlapping colors.

What Would Happen If I’m Super

We all love action and fantasy movies that are exciting and captivating. Many characters in these movies impress us and help us expand our imaginations. We all wish we were in his or her shoes when we watch these types of movies. Because they often have superhuman abilities or perfect lives, we sometimes wonder what if we had superpowers too?

We have all wondered at one time or another if we had a super ability, what would it be or what could we use it for? Having a super ability can be a great burden because you may be the only one who has it, or you may be one of a small group of people who have these super abilities. It is important that you know the goal of the power, because we all know that the world is getting worse by the day, so we can use this power well to improve at least some things.

I also wondered, if ı had a superpower, what would it be? I have thought a lot about this question and decided to go with mind reading. Because in my relationships, trust is the most important thing. Without trust, ı cannot maintain friendship, so with the help of mind reading, I would be able to read people’s minds and understand if they are lying or not. This skill will probably help me a lot in my life. For example, when I ask a question in a test, the observer probably has the right idea in his mind, so I can easily copy the answer. It’s not just that, but we have seen a lot in the news about the abuse of women. For example, if I am walking alone on the street and I see a man coming towards me, at that moment I can read his mind and act accordingly, if he has something evil in mind I can run away or call the police.

This power would not only help me, of course, but I will also try to defend my community. If I had the power, I would probably be a lawyer to help people. Imagine if I could tell a criminal from an innocent in just 5 minutes, and with the help of the evidence I have, justice will easily find its place. I would be a successful lawyer and happy with my job, because if you have something different in you, you should not think of it as a superpower, but show it and use it for good. As the saying goes, good things make you happy.

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