If there were no technological items, there would be no smart boards in schools and it would be very difficult to teach. Without phones, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with each other. We could only communicate by writing letters. But it would take days, maybe weeks, for the letters to reach the person to whom we wrote them.

Without technological items, we would not even know what time it is. We used to see horse carriages instead of modern cars on the street. A road that takes 15 minutes with a normal car could go in an hour with a horse-drawn carriage. If television were not in our lives, we would not be aware of the world. Without computers, all work would be more difficult and take a long time.

However, the absence of technology is not always bad. For example, toxic gases from cars and factory chimneys would be eliminated. Instead of spending time on phones and tablets, we used to play games on the street with our friends. Our friendships would become stronger. In other words, the absence of technology has both good and bad sides. I hope everyone uses technology well.

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