The time machines. It can be the worst or the best think. You can change everything by a mistake. You saw this machine in most of the films. İt’s look like funny to use this machine. But you need to think the other side. The danger.

You need to choose the year that you want to go more careful. You must think every think.  For example, if you want to go 2020 to save our country you need to think twice. Who will believe you? Nobody! Because there hasn’t been a virus since 1920.  They will probably think that virus cannot come again after 100 years. Also, they don’t the virus that you said. They have never heard of this virus before. Covid-19. So, it’s impossible.

I would like to go 1919. Why? So, in 1919 their complot call “İzmir Complot” İ want to learn about this complot more. Because if we did not prevent this complot there would be no Turkey. On the internet there is no truth, I think. I want to learn truths. I know it’s risky. But just imagine…

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