When it Disappears

What if you woke up one day and all the technology tools in the world were gone? Have you ever thought about it? In our lives, everything is the first thing that comes from these electronic devices that we have, the first thing that comes from these devices is our cell phones, and we learn from every information in our lives right now by our cell phones. Our life is getting easier because of our cell phones.

Today, cell phones are used to play or play social media, but no one knows, we’re all connected to their cell phones, and we’re only going to spend 4-5 hours on that small screen. But if it’s suddenly gone? Then life turned out to be a day of pure difficulty. Imagine you’re going to bed to sleep one day, and of course, we have a cell phone we can’t leave. We’re just walking around the Internet, and we’re sleeping on the phone. Then we wake up in the morning when we don’t know what’s going to happen.

No radio, no one knows what was going on in the world at that time. No one can predict what is going on, but no one knows that they are alone with the world. All of the people are trying to get information about it, but the only thing that can’t be done is to get out of the street and find out what’s going on and what’s going on. Thousands or millions of people are running from the streets unaware of anything. Actually, it’s clear, but no one knows. What’s all this? It’s the world itself. It’s a world where there are no electronic devices, or there’s no television on everyone. It’s very simple, but we don’t understand anything because of what we are. In fact, it’s time for everyone to socialize or spend time together. For the simplest example, they can celebrate each other’s birthdays on their faces, just like they used to. After some time, people realized how beautiful it was in the universe, but they couldn’t use it. It may not have been easy to get past the real world, but it’s too late to make sense of life. One of the best examples we haven’t seen for a long time is that they were children running in parks and gardens and their parents who accompanied them. It’s like the world’s starting to melt, the more the children’s voice, the more it sounds.

Now everyone understood that life was not just about technological devices, and life regained its purity in a short time.


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