Where Should We Go?

All people have different taste when it comes to things to do at holidays some like to go to beaches and just chill and some might like to go to a more adventurous vacation but not me I would rather go to a beach and just chill while listening to some musing or chatting with my friends.

If you ask me why I wouldn’t go to a adventurous vacation, I honestly don’t think it is not ideal for a vacation because I take vacations to relax and chill not to walk more than 10 kilometeres whole day and get to my 3-4 star hotel room with my aching legs. Well of course beside all that it has good sides to like you get to know the other cultures meet with different people. You get to see wonderful landcapes which drives you away at the moment while you are looking at them. But still I don’t think it is an ideal way spend your holiday well but of course some exceptions might be made. When it comes to a beach vacation it has a lot of benefits like you can actually rest and get away from city ,well of course you can do that if you go to a cultural tour, you can chill and have a good chat with your friends or family. But like everything it has drawbacks too like sometimes it can get really boring like the same thing every single day nothing different happens but since you are with people you love it doesn’t get that boring and if you have a car, you can go outside so I don’t think this is not bad as aching legs.

Consequently, I think going to a beach vacation is a lot more better way to evaluate your vacation but of course some exceptions can be made like going to a cultural tour at last I am still young.

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