Whether It’s Good or Bad

People, people… They are the ones who rule in their own ecosystems after disrupting the natural balance. They are the ones who create all kinds of evil for the sake of their interests, but also talk about putting your life on the path of goodness. He/she is the one who reveals his/her supposed greatness and speaks about the importance of humanity by stepping on the backs of the victims… These are just a few examples of what I’m saying. I am sorry to state that we can derive tens, hundreds and even thousands more of these. Man has been created to contain evil in good and good in evil since the day man was created.


But in general, when we look at it, we have said that good and evil are intertwined. Which means that a person is neither a good being nor a bad one. It is born, grows and dies in such a way as to keep good and evil alive in it. His/her choices are shaped by each step he/she will be assigned. Whether good or bad a person is what he/she is in essence. A person is himself/herself by what he/she is trying to become. Whether it is good or bad…


A fire needs oxygen to burn. Without oxygen, the combustion reaction also does not occur. That’s how a person is good or bad. This is the human being. If it’s not one of these two, it’s not human. If we consider water symbolically as a symbol of goodness and wisdom, and fire as a symbol of war and evil, destruction lasts where there is no water, and peace reigns where there is no fire. As a result, we are going to the same door again, if there is no good and evil in a person, it will be difficult for us to call him a person.

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