Which one? Smart or Hardworking

Every person has an intelligence level and that level is nearly different among the people. But some people believe that success is directly proportional to your intelligence is simply your IQ level. Moreover, some companies prefer their workers to their intelligence level, they do not look at the students’ success or care how much they work. Maybe this is great but schools need to test the knowledge or achievements of the students. But some people which are like the intelligent ones do not work or develop them selfs in any branch. For developing the most important thing is work. To succeed working is the only needed thing.

Working is the most needed thing for success. That is why most of the countries in the companies or schools care how much workers or students work. They do not look at the intelligence level. They look the achievements while they choose their workers. Also they look how much they succeed because ıf they choose the worker this worker must have good educated. Also a lot of scientists think that work is more important than the intelligence. All of the successful people in the world achieve their goals by working unusually hard. In the world, there is a lot of people which are incredibly smart, but only some of them use their intelligent and develop themself. They do not go one any branch.

Also generally a lot of scientist become scientists with only working hard. They graduated from university with only working hard. They take the high grades with working hard and study.  Also Aziz Sancar said that: ‘Most people believe in intelligence. I don’t. I is labor that separates us from an other. I believe in work.’ After the read I see that intelligence is a word for me. Because no one has to be smart. If a normal person work and improves him or herself, this person can be the greates. Also as you know, Nikola Tesla among important scientist but I never hearth he was very smart. He always worked on his aim and branch and at the end he become a great and unforgettable peroson. This is the only one of the example. Another example for inteligent one. The research said that Albert Einstein’s IQ level was between 205 and 225. He was smart, he could use his ıq level on working or somewhere. But he prefered improve himself and the world and he found the new theorems and knowledges in some science field.

As a result I think that we do not need to look the inteligence level of the poeple. The only importans thinks are the humanity of the poeple and the success of the people. If this person is social,  at  and good at the education at the same time, this person is developed him or herself. Moreover I think that a lots of companies search for on this way. They looking for people who was great diplomas but at the same time this people should social and they must be advanced in a skill. The skill can be a draw, sport or music. But they must be improve themself on every way. And the work is the keyword of improve.

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