Peoples are one of the most complicated creatures on earth. Nothing about them makes sense. Even developing science can not explain the easiest illnesses. Because each of them comes with the same question behind, how do they catch it in the first place?


Now try to make sense of the feelings. It seems harder as it should. They can not be seen by eyes, nor touched. They don’t appear to be the same for every person either. Let’s try to make it easier by dividing the people on earth as good and bad. I know that we don’t exactly know what is good or bad, what it depends on, and everything. But according to the general ideology of humankind, a good person is someone who benefits the world and doesn’t hurt anyone. A bad person is a complete opposite. They harm people or de environment somehow. Also, there is this belief that I stand for. The good has bad in it and the bad has good in it at the end they complete each other and there is this thing called ‘peace’ appears.


According to Hobbes, it’s human nature to be bad and according to Rousseau, it’s human nature to be good. See they are like the statement. They complete each other in a way, actually in a lot of ways.  Let’s think of the labeled feelings. When you get angry the thing that comes you down is a positive feeling. Or to the person you love you shout at them or sometimes even hit them and tell them it’s for their own good. We all know it’s not. It’s the anger the hate coming out. Loving someone is a hard thing to do. Saying is the easiest. Because all saying is not true all feelings are not accurate. So even tho you are not sure of anything why saying it just to make that person feel sad eventually. But you said you loved them in the first place so that they can be happy. What have you done now? Are you a bad person or a good one in this situation?


Both to be exact.  It is the absolute same in every situation. You need to be bad to act good or to be good to do the bad.



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