White or Black

Believing a thing is the connection between a person to life. Sometimes people can just reconcile themselves to beliefs. They can live with them and just say okay I believe this or that and if I’m believing this, I definitely do what I believe. These beliefs can be religion, superstations, a person or people etc. And these beliefs could be dangers to the person who believes these kinds of things. Especially to trust and believe in a person. You give them a heart to trust and believe in, and someone came and took this heart and broke it. And superstations, for example in Turkey, they think that black cats are bad luck. But some beliefs can be different, like religion, every person has a thought about religion. We are going to look at these beliefs another way.

Freedom and enslavement, these both words have opposite meanings to each other.  One of them is white, the other one is black. Why I tell you this word is to discuss the belief’s dark or white side. I told beliefs can be dangerous but believing a thing has something good it is called hope. Hope connect life to people. If people believe something, hope begins to wait from there. People believe what they hope. This hope could be dangerous, but people believe in what they want to happen, that is, they hope. Beliefs encompass many emotions, such as hope. It is freedom to believe in something. As much as there are people who pretend to believe in what people want you to believe, they also have something in their minds that they truly believe in.  

No matter how free is to believe in something, there is a saying, ”The one who believes is happy, the one who doubts is rational.” We should also pay attention to what we believe. If what we believe in starts to pull itself in like a black hole, it will get a little harder.  If you believe in something too much. This belief takes you in the palm of your hand. This is enslavement. It’s not good for  belief to blind you.

As a result, in my opinion, just as too much of everything has bad consequences. It’s not too good to believe. Believing is cheap, but too much can make you indebted. But believing is a good thing, if you take a small amount, it can give you hope.

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