multiple choice english exam on table

Who am I?

It was Saturday evening and I was texting my best friend Julia. “How do you know she has the answers for the English exam in her locker? She must’ve put it somewhere else!”. Of course, we were talking about the exams, but not in a good way. So we were planing on getting the answers for the English exam that was on Tuesday. The plan was to keep the teacher busy with something extremely silly, like giving her a veryyy long assignment to check our grammar that we have written down for this silly plan. While we were in English class, my friend Jessica tended to ask the teacher what she does on her lesson breaks. She responded in dizzily voice saying that she drinks coffee with teachers on breaks. I told her to ask this to her so that we know what she does on the breaks or we would’ve got caught. As the lesson finishes, we pry on the teacher to see if she really drinks coffee with her teacher friends. Yup, she really does. After spying on to her, we go to the teachers room, where all of the lockers are. So when we entered the teachers room, we saw a few teachers doing their thing. “What are you guys doing here? “. And i reply in a really anxious voice, “Miss Mary wanted us to deliver her the documents in her locker. We gotta go, she doesn’t like delays! “. Nope, of course we didn’t hand to any of the documents, instead we got a paper written “7th grade Midterm Examination, English”. I just couldn’t believe what i have done just done. I was feeling really, really guilty and i have never felt this way at no time in my life. I went to my gorgeous, kind hearted English teacher. I told her everything that I as planning to do. She had an extremely disappointed expression on her face. We had a small talk with her. She told us if we ever tend to do such thing like that to anyone again, we would be facing the school’s head principal. It was the worst experience of my life! Honestly, I get enormously frightened. Well, don’t worry, I’m a good girl now 🙂




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