Who has the problem?

If you have brain drain in your country at high amounts probably there is something that not working clearly.
Either your citizien or scientist wants to leave his or her country instead of asking why there is a brain drain you have to ask yourself as a president what we are doing wrong and why all these people wants to leave this country. You have to take care your young or teens because they are your future. After you sink this country they will carry this country.
There is an education crisis belongs to brain drain right? Unless you are starting to listen your citiziens they will go abroad because of the life standarts or freedom. You have to listen them like hear a pin drop. They are causing with problems not you.
You know what amoung all the 123 country Turkey is 83th place and try to guess what is the topic? It’s freedom of the citiziens. If we look at our education level in the world we would be at the last 30 place or something.So that’s why nearly 76.8% of the young peoples wants to go abroad.
We are not taking science seriously as we take care as religions. All over the world biggest countries I mean Usa, Russia, Japan or China they all are insist on just one thing it is science.They are exploring new planet in our Sun system or investing an very important thing why they are that succesful?
Because they are doing what their citiziens wants. Citiziens controls the country not president as our president did. Not getting a good life standarts in earth we would face with many problems as we facing now. Also listening your citiziens advices would bring your country some money like farming.Our country is used to be a very good country about farming but these days since the government not help farmers we just turn our country just the opposite.
Everyone wants to get a Nobel Prize in our country it is so hard.But Aziz Sancar did it but we have to ask in where he did? He won this prize in Usa because Usa helps to scientist.
So who is response citiziens or education level or government about going abroad and brain drain?

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