Who Really Are We?

There is always this girl that is always being talked about or being pointed at just because she is different from the others. We need to ask ourselves if it is right for us to judge someone else’s life, like I mean do we even have the right to do that? Who are we to do them that we can even think of judging them even when our life isn’t amazing. How do we find this right in ourselves like who gives this right to us? God? No, I don’t think so.

We are so bad that we try to make ourselves good by bringing other people down. That’s the only way we feel confident. Sometimes we are forced to dislike someone just because our friends don’t like that person and that’s how we become lonely. We stop being friends with a person just because our friends did too and then you fight with one of your friends and they tell their friends to stop being friends with you and that goes on and on. Now I am going to tell you the story how I became lonely. Are you ready to hear it?

My story starts from the first day of high school. I was new to the city so everything about my life was changed. It was a fresh start for me. The idea of trying to make new friends was kinda scaring me because I wasn’t really liked in my old school. I tried not to think of it a lot.

I never really had a sense of fashion, it was always the color black for me while choosing a color for anything. I don’t really know why but I feel like it suits me more plus it makes me feel more confident. Anyway my new school didn’t have uniform so we were free to wear anything we want as long as it checks the dress code.

The school was starting tomorrow I was really excited. I chose the clothes I was going to wear for school, prepared my bag then slept. Well I can’t really say I slept because I kept waking up in the middle of the night from the sounds of my parents arguing. When it was time for me to wake up, my alarm rang and I immediately got up and started getting dressed. I was looking like a million. My school bus arrived and when I went inside I noticed there was no one inside, this meant I was going to be able to sit anywhere I want. The bus driver started picking up the students from their homes as I was listening to music with my headphones.

When  we arrived the school my heart was beating so fast that I was scared people were going to hear it. I looked around without knowing what to expect but I am pretty sure what I saw wasn’t it. Everyone was just staring at me as if I was some kind of a creature. They were trying not to look but it was so obvious that they were looking. I was feeling all their eyes on me and it made me feel awful. I immediately went to the bathroom and started crying. This was not what I expected for my first day to be but there I was sitting on the bathroom floor bawling my eyes out…I think I cried there for a solid hour until someone came in, I didn’t see her face but she helped me stand up and wash my face. When I stood up, I was able to get a look of her face. She had black curly long hair and chocolate brown eyes with small lips. What took my attention was the way she dressed. It was all black exactly like mine. That’s when I said to myself ‘you found yourself a friend.’ and hoped it would be true one day.

She really helped me get through the day, she was always there to help find my classes, carry my books and so on. We went to lunch together then when it was time for us to go home we gave each other our phone numbers in case we need something. She called me in the middle of the night crying, I asked her what was wrong and she told me her parents are arguing and she feels like she caused it. That’s when I realized we had the same problem she was like me but just in a different body. We both didn’t sleep that night. We talked about our problems, made each other feel better and got to know each other more.

We became best friends in not longer than 2 weeks, we were always together in school and when we go home we were texting. Unfortunately, one day we had a really big fight and I found myself crying on the bathroom floor again but this time there was no one to stand me up or make me feel better. I didn’t know why I was crying but I just knew I lost the only friend I had. The reason we fought is based on what happened 3 days ago. Let me tell you about it; she had a friend that was treating me like a garbage and I never opened my mouth when she was bullying me but then I got enough of it and decided to stand up for myself. She wasn’t expecting it so she couldn’t say anything back to me. Now she doesn’t want my best friend being friends with me and since their families are friends she has to be good friends with her friend or her parents will argue. Her friend kept threatening her if she doesn’t stop being friends with me, she will go to her parents and tell them they fought. She couldn’t take it anymore and told me we can’t be friends anymore. So this is what happens when I stand up for myself. I know what I did was right but if I knew it was going to cost me my best friend I would never say anything back to her friend.

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