Who was the better inventor?

Both Edison and Tesla are most known scientists through out the world. Edison is known because he discovered lamp that we all use in our houses. On the other hand Tesla is known for his discoveries in physics and most Americans know him since he is named after a famous car brand. Edison is an eternal experimenter for example I don’t know whether it is true or not but he is known for that he experimented 1000 times until he found lamp. But Tesla was an absolute unit he was an human machine he could do complex math and physics in his mind easily.


Through out the years people discussed who is better Tesla or Edison? Honestly I am on the team Tesla because I think that he is a better scientist and he is way more smarter than the Edison. But the known business man Elon Musk doesn’t think the same way he chooses Edison over Tesla because he thinks that Edison brought more of his inventions and discoveries to the public unlike Tesla. But in my opinion the reason of it is that Edison was a wealthy man with a lot of resources and he was able to publish his inventions and discoveries but Tesla didn’t have any resources so he wasn’t able to find any investors so he couldn’t publish his work. To give an example to that when Edison died he held 1903 patents to his name but Tesla had less than 300 patents to his name when he died. Edison gave a lot of inventions on lots of industries and even though they are the roots of the technologies now we use we don’t use the stuff he invented. On the other hand Tesla has lots of inventions we still use and the best example of it is Alternating current.


So to sum it all up Edison was an business man but Tesla was an scientist, even Einstein says that Tesla was the smartest man alive at his time and also he owe the life we are living to his Alternating current invention which made the electricity we are using right now a lot more cheaper so that is why I think Tesla is better than Edison.

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