Why Does A Millionaire Steals?

You may have heard that some famous and rich people tried to steal things they don’t need. Why would they do something like that even they know the law and possibility to get punished? And that is not just it, I am talking about the “rich” and famous people. So most of them can buy the thing they tried to stole with no big economic loss. But they still want to steal it, and there is a lot of similar case happened because of this strange situation.

There is a significant example of this case, a man named “Andrew Francis Lippi” who had just bought a multi-million dollar private island, has been arrested for stealing coffee machine from “Kmart” shop. Or there is another famous person known with “Stranger Things” series named “Winona Ryder” tried to steal clothes worth 5500$ in 2001. And a research which made by German hotel chain “Wellness Haven” shows, higher quality hotels are more likely to theft than lower quality hotels. You can say “Of course high quality hotels would be robbed, because they have better devices and tools.” But there is a another look of view, who goes to high quality hotels are also rich people so they already doesn’t need to steal that things.

Psychologists generally says about this situation is not about their enviroment, it’s about personal characteristics and challenging themselves. Generally they think like “If I can steal this, why should I buy it?” Besides this opinion is very selfish, it creates adrenaline and they want to challange themselves with this. They mostly don’t want the exact product, they want the new adrenaline sources. And many research like this shows that for most of the people, if the income level increases, the sense of ethic decreases as obeying the laws, being respectful to the other citizens or not to steal any goods from shops.

As a result, facts and findings on this issue shows that rich people are even more tend to broke the rules or to steal than the poor people. Therefore I agree with “And satiety is no less provocative than hunger.” thought of Stefan Zweig.

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