Why Should We Invest in Archaeological Sites

Why archeologic areas important you know? Archeologic areas so important areas. And also Archaeological sites are more important than energy sources.


Energy resources will eventually run out. And then countries look different places. This behaves eventually bring the war. Let’s look First World War. First World War start because, British Empire, France, The United States of America wants more colonial. And these colonial lands has too much energy resources like oil, coal, gold, natural gas etc. And Second World War, N*zi Germany wanted oil reservoir in Soviet Union before that Germany had gone to the North Africa and research to the oil. So investing in Energy that you will understand is not permanent. Because, the energy may run out and it would be too much to invest. And these invest so expensive. If you can do this invest this will cost you a lot


But archaeological areas can’t run out. It can be old but you can renovate again and you see like new but it must be true and carefully renovate if you don’t do that you can get reaction. In your country people must be know own culture. Because if you don’t know your past you can’t see your future. So you can understand that you need invest to the archaeological working. And I give examples in Turkey ancient city of Ephesus. This ancient city established in b.c. 300 by General Lysimakos. And look Turkish archeologists work on it and they found in 1869. From Greece from Italy and etc. people come there for visit and learn about own history. We must again invest on Archeology



How can we doing archaeological research? Firstly we work carefully because we can damage to the object. Secondly work organized because if someone found something and steal it and run away there.Then, if we found a big part of construction bring the small scoop, slowly dig there.


So if some countries invest archeology this country win because energy can be run out we need to invest in things that are constantly going on

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