At the beginning of the twentieth century, when electricity came to homes, people were afraid to use electricity at first and could not touch the sockets and electrical switches. if it was me, if a new invention was made, such as  phone, tablet, or a new type of energy, I would wait at least five years. I wouldn’t buy, I would search what happens to people who bought it. Although the products are tested after they are made, for some reason I have never trusted any product, think about it, we are hearing about the Apple brand a lot these days. I’m taking you back five years to remove the perceptions like ‘It’s definitely very safe because it sells a lot’ or ‘I hear the name of the brand  a lot so it’s definitely reliable’. An unnamed passenger on a flight to Australia noticed smoke while she was listening to music, and when she took off the Airpods , she saw that Airpods caught fire, the person immediately threw the earphones against the wall and a panic atmosphere was created at least 10 minutes on the plane. To convince you a little more, let me take you back 4 years, Florida resident Jason Colon noticed his ear getting hot while working out at the gym, he took off the Airpods and puts them down, he goes inside to ask for help, and when he comes back he finds his Airpods blown.

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