Why to Have More Lands?

Blood, brutality, tears… Nobody has to be subjected to this. Everyone is oppressed by the wishes of the statesmen while they strive only to be happy. People suffer because they are never satisfied, always wanting more. It is not easy for people to get used to the absence of a person they see every day. Why all this? What will you gain when you have more land? How will the money satisfy you when you earn this on death?

Man, as a being who is never satisfied, is doomed to be crushed under all this. Either because of his own wishes or because he has an obligation to make others happy. While we are afraid to even ask someone for money, they order them to die for money. Soldiers trained all their lives to defend their homeland must listen to their bases. “You will run to death!” He cannot oppose a commander who says. But it should not be forgotten that that commander also has a base, he is also a yes-man and there are many people whom he cannot say no to.

In the army, this hierarchy is an absolutely necessary system in order to maintain security and order. There is a problem, however, if it comes from the army being greedy and ignoring people’s lives.

Moreover, the war does not only affect the soldiers and their lives. The youth of that country grow up as members of a war-torn society. They learn about violence from a young age, and no matter how much fear and insecurity this has instilled in them, we see that they become violent individuals in their later lives. And even if they have lost very close relatives due to the war, this situation makes it scarcely impossible to cope with. Now the war becomes a trauma for them and reflects on their children as well. We understand from this that the war negatively affects the people of the day but also the youth of the future indirectly. It causes it to grow under conditions such as depression, impatience, unhappiness, and pressure, and all of this is due to the greed of statesmen.

Is it all worth it? Is it worth making the people of other countries as unhappy as their own, raising an unhappy new generation, and dealing with political problems such as the cold war that will last for years? We are all human, whether we are from another country or not. This world is all ours and it is our aim is to protect it, not to kill each other.


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