Very high resolution 3d rendering of red stage theater velvet drapes

why today

I don’t know why my biological parents gave me up for adoption when I was little, but I wasn’t too young, I seem to remember their faces. I could never get along with the family they gave me, my father would come home very rarely, my mother would take care of me because of her job, but it was like she was forcing me to, only my sister and I got along well, she loved me. I came with their help until middle school, but when I got to high school, I started doing everything myself, in fact, I didn’t need them, I always packed my classes myself, I did it, I was the first in my class, I came here myself all my high school life. But I can’t call my age bad at all, I had a very regular high school life, my classes came mainly, I always saved up good memories with my family, but sometimes I don’t think about what it would be like if I was with my biological family, but in the end, they left me. high school also somehow ended, college life started, obviously, I’m most afraid because I have very big goals in mind, such as becoming a pilot and traveling around the world. I think I understood then that my parents loved me so that I could go to school more comfortably when I bought a car in the second grade, or why they should buy a car, right. it’s really a great feeling that I’ve flown a few times while studying piloting. But like every adopted child, I wanted to see my real mom and dad once again, but who knows where they are. I was a few months away from finishing university, and I said I was ready, when I was fine, I wanted to research my biological family for a while, I sent an email to the center to find them, it was a little late for them to come back, my university was over when they came back to me. I had never been a pilot, but I had given enough seminars that I can’t count, I had become famous for what you know about aviation. Anyway, by the way, I found out who my biological parents were, I did a little research on them, my mother became a world-famous dietitian, but I couldn’t find anything about my father, and they dec divorced a month after they gave me, most likely, the reason why they didn’t want me is obvious. I prepared myself very well in my last seminar, where the number of participants was the highest, because almost the whole of California was there, two minutes before I went on stage, I was sweating like crazy. finally, I went to the stage and all eyes were on me there was so much noise it was hitting me directly clap the sound of my chair I’m sitting on the lights at the moment like the one in front I caught a glimpse of a woman I’ve known him somewhere, but I couldn’t anyway, then the security lady behind the curtain show’s over you can’t come here when you yell, I knew immediately I went to the entrance and was standing there in front of the woman running to me, my son exclaimed, the shock of my life that I really was craving my mother having thoroughly why we sat having coffee with my dad and he told me everything after you fix whatever is broke up or something I was with my mom, and I don’t have to think about anything else.

key word: not give up


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