Wild Nature

Nature is something that exists since the birth of our planet, it exists in dirt, in the ocean, in mountains, everywhere, howev people are abusing our planet and polluting it, theres a known saying that says “We are at war with nature. If we win, we’re lost.” Is this really true?

For Millions of years humanity has been living with nature, however within the last 600 years humanity has been attempting to destroy nature for its own profits, however has no one realized that if we destroy nature we will lose too?

We’re adding chemicals to our land and water supplies, pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and facing the planet’s sixth extinction crisis will this go like this until nature is officially dead?

However from the bright side many ENGO’S (Enviromental Non-governmental Organazations) and some government offices are working to revert the effects we’ve done on nature for the last 600 years, from a point this does seem possible with the introducement of nuclear and sustainable energy pollution could decrease in a really high rate while companies continuing to produce AI related cars, the situation does seem hopeful. However with the latest wild fires and people polluting around this does also seem hard from a certain point, without educating people about the values of the environment change seems hopeless. Many countries have started to realize the problems of polluting lands and seas, in example our country Turkey has been attempting to recover from the forest wildfires that have happened in summer while attempting to clean seas with the increasing amount of pollution.

As we progress we see both positive and negative effects of pollution, many nations, people and most of all the globe hopes to remove this issue from being a problem to future generations, as it is, nature is the only thing that we have in common.

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